Friday, July 6, 2018

Yet Another Link to Someone Else's Orthodox Related Blog

"Ideology is always first and foremost a retreat from reality, a form of egophanic revolt (to borrow from Eric Voegelin) that often takes a collective form — it is really a subrational, instinctive kind of condoned erasure of persons who resist officially endorse lies, all under cover of humanitarian rhetoric." - brian the commenter Pontifications, Bible Reading, and Stanley Hauerwas

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system.

"In this sense, to be an active part of the world is to employ violence. We do not sit lightly on the surface of our planet. Most human societies across history, have made a moderate peace with the world in which they live, using forms of violence whose consequences have been well-enough tolerated and accounted for so as to be bearable. The rate of change in such societies was modest, and within the limits that a culture could easily accommodate. Large and rapid change is another thing entirely. “Changing the world,” under a variety of slogans, is the essence of the modern project. Modernity is not about how to live rightly in the world, but about how to make the world itself live rightly. The difference could hardly be greater. "

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

If You're Inquiring Into Orthodoxy

Reasons Why You Should Not Convert To Orthodox Christianity

"For me, the one and only valid, core reason is because a person desires to be part of the one, true Body of Christ. Because we confess and believe in the “one holy, catholic and apostolic Church,” this means we are not looking for a Church that fits our own preferences and ideals, but rather one that teaches us what our preferences should be. We are not seeking to reform or to teach the Church how it should do things, but are rather seeking to be formed by the Church and to learn how we should be doing things as faithful Christians."

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

RE: Of Kings and Things and What Matters

 "Most people want to get on with their lives, raise their kids, go to work and such. The distractions of those with “power” have to constantly be sold to them. Modernity represents the rise of advertising and the art of persuasion. If all of the noise were to shut down for a little while, we might discover we could live without it. Wars have to be sold. Hate is often manufactured. And, of course, these things are done for profit. There must be “problems” and “problems” must be magnified so that we will agree to the violence that will be perpetrated in our name.

Jesus seems to have through the world with virtually no regard for these make-believe powers. When the Romans demanded taxes, he pulled a gold coin out of a fish’s mouth. He scoffed at Pilate’s empty boasts. On the Cross, His only regard was for His mother, his disciples, the guy next to Him and His Father. He is the Compass of our lives, pointing steadily to the only things that matter."

Of Kings and Things and What Matters

Monday, February 29, 2016


Here is very cutting, Orthodox perspective on the parable which should be accessible to heterodox Christians, maybe even non-believers.

With God you can always go home.